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      Jackson/Peroxidase AffiniPure Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L)/2.0 ml/111-035-003







      Information Based on immunoelectrophoresis and/or ELISA, the antibody reacts with whole molecule rabbit IgG.It also reacts with the light chains of other rabbit immunoglobulins.No antibody was detected against non-immunoglobulin serum proteins.The antibody may cross-react with immunoglobulins from other species.Whole IgG antibodies are isolated as intact molecules from antisera by immunoaffinity chromatography. They have an Fc portion and two antigen binding Fab portions joined together by disulfide bonds and therefore they are divalent. The average molecular weight is reported to be about 160 kDa. The whole IgG form of antibodies is suitable for the majority of immunodetection procedures and is the most cost effective.Usage Physical State: Freeze-dried solid Storage and Rehydration: Store freeze-dried solid at 2-8°C. Rehydrate with the indicated volume of dH2O (see product specification sheet) and centrifuge if not clear. Prepare working dilution on day of use. Product is stable for about 6 weeks at 2-8°C as an undiluted liquid.Extended Storage after Rehydration: Aliquot and freeze at -70°C or below. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Alternatively, add an equal volume of glycerol (ACS grade or better) for a final concentration of 50%, and store at -20°C as a liquid. Expiration date: one year from date of rehydration. The expiration date may be extended if test results are acceptable for the intended use.Purity:The antibody was purified from antisera by immunoaffinity chromatography using antigens coupled to agarose beads. Buffer: 0.01M Sodium Phosphate, 0.25M NaCl, pH 7.6 Stabilizer:15 mg/ml Bovine Serum Albumin (IgG-Free, Protease-Free) Preservative:None(Warning:Use of sodium azide as a preservative will substantially inhibit the enzyme activity of horseradish peroxidase.) Suggested Working Concentration or Dilution Range:1:500 - 1:5,000 for immunohisto/cytochemistry 1:5,000 - 1:100,000 for ELISA and Western blotting with chromogenic substrates 1:10,000 - 1:200,000 for Western blotting with ECL substratesDilution factors are presented in the form of a range because the optimal dilution is a function of many factors, such as antigen density, permeability, etc. The actual dilution used must be determined empirically.Conjugate Horseradish PeroxidaseHorseradish peroxidase (HRP) conjugates are prepared by a modified Nakane and Kawaoi procedure (J. Histochem. Cytochem. 1974. 22, 1084). Peroxidase conjugates are commonly used for immunohistochemistry, Western blotting, and ELISA. Affinity-purified anti-horseradish peroxidase and conjugates are available for detection of horseradish peroxidase antigen or for signal amplification of HRP-containing reagents. For immunostaining of mammalian cells, an advantage of using anti-horseradish peroxidase is reduced background, since the antibody does not recognize the endogenous peroxidase-like enzymes found in those cells.Images & References This product is for in vitro research use only. It is not a medical device and it is not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.


      Jackson/AffiniPure Goat Anti-Alpaca IgG (H+L)/1.0 mg/128-005-003128-005-003Normal Serums and Gamma Globulins其他二抗95.00
      Jackson/AffiniPure Alpaca Anti-Human IgG (H+L)/1.0 mg/609-005-213609-005-213Whole IgG Affinity-Purified Antibodies抗人67.00
      Jackson/AffiniPure Alpaca Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L)/1.0 mg/615-005-214615-005-214Whole IgG Affinity-Purified Antibodies抗小鼠67.00
      Jackson/AffiniPure Alpaca Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L)/1.0 mg/611-005-215611-005-215Whole IgG Affinity-Purified Antibodies抗兔67.00
      Jackson/Rhodamine Red?-X (RRX) AffiniPure Rabbit Anti-Rat IgG + IgM (H+L)/1.5 mg/312-295-044312-295-044Whole IgG Affinity-Purified Antibodies抗大鼠116.00
      Jackson/Alkaline Phosphatase IgG Fraction Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Fluorescein (FITC)/0.5 ml/200-052-037200-052-037Anti-Fluorescein, Anti-Digoxin, Anti-Biotin, and Anti-HRP抗熒光素170.00
      Jackson/Bovine Serum Albumin (IgG-Free, Protease-Free)/250.0 g/001-000-173001-000-173Bovine Serum Albumin (IgG-Free and Protease-Free)白蛋白1044.00
      Jackson/ChromPure Goat IgG, whole molecule - Agarose/5.0 ml/005-000-052005-000-052Immunoadsorbent Gels血清純化蛋白98.00
      Jackson/Normal Alpaca Serum/2.0 ml/028-000-001028-000-001Normal Serums and Gamma Globulins封閉血清33.00
      Jackson/Bovine Gamma Globulin/10.0 mg/001-000-002001-000-002Normal Serums and Gamma Globulins球蛋白53.00
      Jackson/Rabbit Anti-Bovine Whole Serum/2.0 ml/301-001-001301-001-001Antisera抗牛43.00
      Jackson/Donkey Anti-Chicken IgY (IgG) (H+L)/2.0 ml/703-001-003703-001-003Antisera抗雞38.00
      Jackson/Rabbit Anti-Dog IgG (H+L)/2.0 ml/304-001-003304-001-003Antisera抗犬43.00
      Jackson/Rabbit Anti-Goat Whole Serum/2.0 ml/305-001-001305-001-001Antisera抗山羊43.00
      Jackson/Donkey Anti-Guinea Pig IgG (H+L)/2.0 ml/706-001-003706-001-003Antisera抗豚鼠38.00
      Jackson/Goat Anti-Horseradish Peroxidase/2.0 ml/123-001-021123-001-021Antisera抗馬43.00
      Jackson/Rabbit Anti-Sheep IgG (H+L)/2.0 ml/313-001-003313-001-003Antisera抗綿羊43.00
      Jackson/AffiniPure Goat Anti-Cat IgG (H+L)/2.0 mg/102-005-003102-005-003Whole IgG Affinity-Purified Antibodies抗貓79.00
      Jackson/AffiniPure Goat Anti-Armenian Hamster IgG (H+L)/1.5 mg/127-005-099127-005-099Whole IgG Affinity-Purified Antibodies抗倉鼠83.00
      Jackson/AffiniPure Goat Anti-Swine IgG (H+L)/2.0 mg/114-005-003114-005-003Whole IgG Affinity-Purified Antibodies抗豬79.00
      Jackson/Peroxidase IgG Fraction Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Digoxin/0.5 ml/200-032-156200-032-156Anti-Fluorescein, Anti-Digoxin, Anti-Biotin, and Anti-HRP抗地高辛169.00
      Jackson/Peroxidase IgG Fraction Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Biotin/0.5 ml/200-032-211200-032-211Anti-Fluorescein, Anti-Digoxin, Anti-Biotin, and Anti-HRP抗生物素169.00
      Jackson/Goat Peroxidase-Anti-Peroxidase/0.25 ml/123-005-024123-005-024Peroxidase-Anti-Peroxidase (PAP)抗過氧化物酶83.00
      Jackson/Alexa Fluor? 680 Streptavidin/0.5 mg/016-620-084016-620-084Streptavidin and Conjugates鏈霉親和素結合物116.00